Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Post Stolen From Dearest Emily Over At Emily's Chronicles (

Hello everyone! July here again and I'm so glad that I've gotten four entries for the "contest" we were having. If you missed that, click HERE to read about it. 

So I'm sure you're all wondering about the title but wonder no more! I was browsing Emily's blog ( and I stumbled across this adorable piece of Christmas cheer! I asked Emily if I could snatch her post and stick it on this blog (with all credit going to her of course) and she said yes, so here it is! But she did have one condition: a spike in her followers! So go and follow her, also if you could tell her that July sent you, that would be great :) 
Anyway, thank you Emily of Emily's Chronicles! Is that enough advertising to help get you a follower boom? :D

You will need
~White card
~Four different patterned/textured papers
~A set of compasses or circular objects to draw around - you'll need one large, one medium and one small.
~Pretty things with which to decorate said patterned papers - as I was posting this I was limited to ribbon, lace and thread but if you're able you can use beads and sequins.
~Strong glue with which to stick down said pretty things - I used UHU but you may need PVA or a hot glue gun depending on what you're using. Adhesive pads also work well in some cases.
~Black filigree paper - if you don't have this then you'll need black paper and a hole punch
~A glue stick
~A black fineliner pen
~A ruler


1. Take your patterned papers and cut out four circles, one large, one medium and two small.
2. Start decorating! With ribbon/thread, squeeze a thin line of glue where you're placing it and stick it down...
...then tape it at the back. 
You get the idea...
...don't you?
Unnecessary pictures...
...tralala ^_^
See! You now have some pretty circle - or baubles, as we can now call them! I only decorated three because I wanted to leave the pretty patterned one.
3. Now cut a strip of black filigree paper - if you have none then just cut a normal strip with a scalloped edge and punch some holes in it.
4. Now comes the bit where you require ninja-like skills and precision.  Lay your strip of paper and your baubles on the piece of card and make small pencil marks at the top of each bauble and at the bottom of the strip of paper directly above the top of the bauble...if that makes sense. Draw on strings and hanger-thingies in black fineliner pen. 
5. Then...stick everything on! Pretty, riiight?!?!
6. At the bottom, in an amazingly brilliant font, write Merry Christmas.
TA-DAAAAA!!!! Is it not lovely? :D :D
Oh, and if you're super-cool like me, you can draw a puppy in a Christmas hat inside the card.


  1. Cool! Just like i said to Emily, i hope to try it sometime!

    1. The puppy I think adds the perfect touch. (:

  2. :) When are you going to post the winners of your "contest?"

  3. That idea for a Christmas card is adorable! Just found you through a comment on Hilda's lovely blog. Following! Alex


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