Friday, September 6, 2013

Chunky Beach Waves

Hello one and all! I'm going to quickly apologize for my summer absence from The Creative Clique. Sorry. It was all I could do to keep up on my regular blogging schedule without this on top of it, but now that I've got my lovely laptop back, I think I'll be able to start my share of posts again. Huzzah!

So. Beach waves. Here we go!



- Flat iron
- Hairspray (optional)
- Heat protectant spray (optional)


OPTIONAL: Take your heat protectant spray and spritz it all over your hair to protect it from being singed off. Brush hair to distribute evenly.

1.) Get your flat iron all heated up and then grab a chunk of hair (small, medium, or large, depending on how tight you want the waves).

2.) Wrap that hair around one or two fingers, depending on how big you want your waves. Keep in mind that how big of a chunk of hair you take will also affect this.

3.) Pull the loop of hair off of your fingers, making sure that the loop doesn't unravel. Flat iron the loop of hair.

4.) Open the flat iron and release the hair.

5.) Repeat on the rest of your hair.

Refer to picture tutorial below if none of that made sense!

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