Monday, October 21, 2013

Triple Headband Braid Twist

Hello, lovelies! Apologies for the absence of new posts, but I've got my hands full with schoolwork and other crazy things that come along with being in high school. (: But now I'm going to share with you a gorgeous hairstyle that's essentially just three headband braids and a little poof.

- Hairbrush
- Rat tail comb (or any other teasing tool)
- Elastic hair bands
- Bobby pins
- Hairspray (optional)

*Brush out your hair so that there are no tangles and knots.*

1.) Divide your hair as if you were going to create a half-up hairstyle. Tease that section of hair lightly, smoothing over the top to hide the teasing and making it look sleeker and not so gnarly.

2.) Gently twist the teased section and pin it on the back of your head with bobby pins.

3.) Divide the rest of your remaining hair into two parts.

4.) Take a little section of hair (near your ear) from one of the two parts and braid it with a regular 3-strand braid.

5.) Take that braid and drape it across your head like a headband, and pin it on the other side, hiding the end of the braid underneath a little bit of your hair.

6.) Braid the two remaining sections, repeating the headband style that you did for the first one. Hide the ends and bobby pins underneath the other braids.

7.) Finish with hairspray to set the look and tackle any tricky flyaways.



  1. oh my goodness! I think if my hair were long enough, this would work perfectly for me!
    I cut it so short that I could spike it, and now I wish it was longer again!
    oh man it's getting there!
    I thought you should know that I just love your blog!
    the title matches perfectly...I can see you're creative!
    you have such talent!
    keep it up!

    have a great night and a great halloween!!!

    much love,

    P.S. if you'd like, feel free to check out my blog sometime ;)

    short sleeved pants

    1. Sometimes I just wanna chop all of my hair off, you know what I mean? But other times I think to myself, "Oh, no, no, no, keep it long or you will regret it!" Haha, we girls have it rough sometimes. (:

      Thank you so much, Morgan! I certainly will!

  2. Beautiful hairdo! WOW!! ❤️


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