Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bad Seana!

Um..yeah. Kinda forgot to post. o_o Sad, isn't it? Well, now I am posting. Huzzah.

You will need:

Step one:

Take the back off of your photo frame (carefully!) and place your wrapping paper/material into the photo frame. Either cut around the edges of the material so that it fits into the photo frame, or draw around it first. I found drawing around it first was easier, though this means you may have to trim the edges a little, to get a good fit.

Step two:

Once your material fits nicely into the photo frame, take it out, and either using your magazine/newspaper, or the left over material/paper, begin drawing and cutting out your letters. I used the leftover paper, as it was a brown colour on the opposite side, and it was fairly thick.

Step three:

Once you have cut out all of your letters, begin arranging them on your material/paper. When your sure that you like your arrangement, stick them down. I used a glue stick to save time, but, if your paper/material is fairly thick, PVA would probably work just as well.

Step four:

Add any extra features or embellishements to your inspiration poster if you wish, and place it in the photo frame, making sure you have no ripples when you place on the back. Secure, and display.

Step five:

Yay you! You've made your first inspiration poster. Let it take pride of place on your wall, shelf, or even door, and if you don't have a photo frame handy, simply hang or stick it somewhere instead.

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