Monday, May 6, 2013

How To Make A One Direction T-Shirt

Hello, lovelies! I was browsing around the internet, and came across a tutorial for making a One  Direction logo T-shirt. I've yet to try this out, but I hope to someday. Let me know how it goes for you!

Thanks to Michelle and Camella who posted this tutorial originally here.


- Acrylic paint (red, black and white)
- Paintbrushes (thick ones are best)
- Newspaper
- Sticky Tape
- Transparency sheet 
- Logo image
- Scissors or stencil knife


Step 1:
(We chose logo 3 

Step 2:
Copy Paste the chosen logo and paste it on Microsoft Word ( The Orientation of the page is Landscape)

Step 3:
Get a Transparency Film sheet and put it in your printer (This is the one we used)
Step 4:
and then just print it out on it, It should look like this:
Step 5:
Cut out the stencil using scissors/stanley knife. Remember to cut it neatly for a better result! We used a 
stanley knife first to cut a but off the particular word and then used the scissors for a steadier cut.
Step 6:
Then get your top and put newspaper in the inside of the top so the paint doesn’t go through to the 
other side 

Step 7:
Get your cut out stencil and place it on the top however you like it and put sticky tape at each end or 
wherever until it’s secure

Step 8:
Get your Acrylic paints out (It’s best to use this type because it dries faster and gives a better result)
Step 9:
We used these paintbrushes below (the thicker the brush the better and quicker)
Step 10:
Dab the paintbrush onto the stencil until all areas are covered with paint (Like the picture below) 
Step 10:
Use a smooth brush to smooth out the paint if you want too (We did)
Step 11:
Wait for the paint to dry and then pull off the sticky tape and DONE! It should turn out like these ones:
Step 12:
Remember before putting it in the wash put a cloth on top of the painted areas and iron it. This will 
prevent the paint from fading away when you put it in the wash! :) 

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