Friday, January 17, 2014

Guest Post: Destiny Skye with Bandana Waves

Hello lovelies! As you might remember, July and I decided to start a once a month guest post where we bring in an awesome person to sprinkle their creative magic here at the Creative Clique. So without further ado, here's Destiny with an awesome wavy hair tutorial! (:

Hey everyone, I'm Destiny Skye! First of all, thanks to Seana and July for letting me guest post. I'm a sarcastic, homeschooled teenager who lives somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. I love Jesus, books, music, chocolate and Doctor Who (yes, in that order).

Also, I'm obsessed with getting my hair curly/wavy without heat or hair products. My hair isn't too long, about to my upper back and I have a bit of trouble getting it wavy. I found this video in one of my endless searches and here's the tutorial. The pictures are mine and the video I found online.

So here are....Bandana Waves!

Hope it worked and y’all liked it.


~D. Skye <3

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