Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Spring 2014 Must-Have

Hello lovely readers! I think I'm going to start making posts if I notice some few fashion "must-haves" that people are wearing. Today I'm going to share with you a fashion item that I believe is an absolute need for your jewelry box this season. It's super simple, but it can dress up any dress without looking as if you're trying to hard to look good! Any guesses? It's a short pearl necklace. I just recently got one for myself and have been experimenting with it different outfits. So far, I haven't discovered anything it looks horrid with. I highly encourage you to buy one and get in on the trend!


  1. I'm sure it would look "horrid" with most of my outfits. Superman, Captain America or pikachu with pearls? That would NOT be ideal.

    1. Well, it may look a little strange with those things, but with a dress? Perfect :)


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