Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bunny Cupcakes

What you need: Vanilla cupcakes, vanilla icing, small pink jellybeans, small chocolate chips, large marshmallows, pink gummy candy, rolling pin, icing sugar

What you do:
  1. Frost your cupcake with the white frosting.
  2. Near one edge of the cupcake, put the pink jellybean.
  3. Above it, place the two chocolate chips, points down.
  4. Cut your large marshmallows in half. One marshmallow makes two ears.
  5. Dust your counter and rolling pin with icing sugar. Roll out the marshmallow halves so they’re flat.
  6. Roll out the pink gummy candy. Cut it to look like a long pointed oval (this is the inside of your bunny’s ears). Stick the gummy candy onto the marshmallow ears.
  7. Stick the marshmallow ears onto your cupcake.
  8. Enjoy!
These are so adorable! I made a small batch of these a while ago, and they were as delicious as they look. Of course, I didn't eat the jellybean, but that's just because of my taste for pink jellybeans isn't really that high up. In other words, I don't like jellybeans. xD.
<3 Sea

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