Friday, June 1, 2012

Two-Tone Nails

I've returned with yet another nail art idea. Here we have the Two-Tone Nails, which I am currently sporting on my own hands, but with my own twist that looks nothing like the picture.

Whaddya need:
- A whole lot of nail polish colors

Whaddya do:

Paint half of your nail one color, and the other half a different color. My added twist is to take yet another color and do a HORIZONTAL stripe near the top of the nail, but still leaving space above the stripe. You could do this with a different color combo on every nail (like I did) or you can keep it simple like the picture above. Let the polish dry and enjoy your beautiful nails! ;)

<3 Seana


  1. Boy, you sure have a steady hand. I can't paint my nails without making a mess, LOL!

    1. Haha, July would say the same thing. (:


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