Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Flowery Flip Flops

Since summer is on its way, bringing it's onslaught of heat waves, we can't be suffocating our little toes in shoes, now can we? No! So, here's a way to spruce up your old flip flops into something gorgeous.

Whaddya need:
- As many pairs of flip flops as you want to decorate
- Fake flowers
- Scissor
- Hot glue gun

First, take your fake flowers and cut off the stems, so that you're just left with the flower itself. Now, take your hot glue gun, after it's all nice and toasty, and glue the flower onto the part of the flip flop strap where the two sides meet, like in the picture above. Repeat the step on opposite flip flop. Repeat if necessary for other flip flops you are making. Voila! Cuteness on a shoe!

<3 Seana


  1. ahhha!! lovely!! i'm going to do this (: i'm following you because your blog is adorabubble. could you spare a wee minute to hop on over to my blog? ta (:

    1. I'm following your blog, Rose! July and I are so excited that you stopped by. (:

    2. Thanks so much Rose! I follow your blog too and love your ideas. Keep blogging!


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