Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cookie Milk Shakes

Hey everybody! This is July here! Yesterday I was actually supposed to post, but I didn't get a chance to do a real one.... so that's the reason that today's post is not a rebel post. Today's recipe is called Cookie Milk shakes.

You'll need:
four medium cookies of your choice
blender (I used a Magic Bullet)
vanilla ice cream

Sea's Two Cents: This sounds like a super yum recipe! But, viewers? Milk is pronounced just it like is spelled. Pay no attention to July's views on that. Milk is not spelled with an "e" therefore, it does not sound like an "e". Thank you for your consideration. =^o^=

This is what you're gonna do:

Crush your choice of cookies in a zip-lock bag

Scoop a few small scoops of ice cream into the

Put the crushed cookies in the blender

Pour milk into the blender, not too much, just
enough to make the shake a little more
unsolid... if you know what I mean

Blend, pour into a cup and drink/eat/slurp
or whatever you do

This was a very good shake! If you've ever been to Steak and Shake and gotten their cookies and cream milk shake, it tastes just like that! YUMMMM!
Yesterday I mentioned that I'd be featuring a new thing on our blog and I'll have to tell you again tomorrow or something because, my dad is telling me to get off the laptop. Typical when I have something important to say right?

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  1. ohh they look abso amazing! i think i'll be doign this next time the weather gets hot, although the problem is it never does in Glasgow, so i think i'll just go make it now! :L


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