Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peach Stack-up

Hey guys! We've arrived back from camp and are back to our regular schedule for posting. Ok, I'm gonna get right to the point of this post because I still have a few chores to do before we eat dinner... so anyway, today I'm gonna teach you how to make Peach Stack-up! It is an extremely easy desert to make, and looks and tastes super good. I actually invented this recipe for my parents anniversary last year, and even though I'm not that good at making things, this is one thing that I'm able to make. I made it again this afternoon (so you get actual pictures from what I made) and it took me about five minutes to make one

Makes four Peach Stack-ups

You'll need: 
4 pretty little bowls that would completely fit a
peach half in the bottom

a 1/3 cup measure

Sorry the pictures with words are backwards... stupid camera
But you'll need 1  1/3 cups Vanilla yogurt total
so I would suggest a big container, not just a small one
like I had

4 peach halves total (note: you need halves, they work
and look better, but I have slices in mine)

4 cherries total

What you're gonna do:

Put on your Taylor Swift record and dance around
a bit to get the energy flowing

First you put the peach half in the bowl (hopefully
your's will look better than mine in this picture
because my mom used all the peach halves and left me
with slices...
Take my word for it, halves look much prettier

Put 1/3 cup yogurt on top of the peach or fill to
 the top of the bowl

Put a cherry on top and repeat the directions three more
times to make 4 Peach Stack-ups

Doesn't that look cute! Serve it anytime: for parties, dinners, or special occasions! This is my very own recipe and I hope you love it just as much as I do! It's very easy, with only four steps.
Savor this!
Peaches and Taylor Swift records,

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