Thursday, May 17, 2012

Rebel Post: Flip Flop Wreath

Why is this a rebel post, you might ask. Well, that's because July and myself will not be able to post something on Friday since we have a camp to go to and stuff. But since summer's just around the corner, I've devised a fab flip flop wreath for ya'll to try! Enjoy!

Whaddya need:
6-8 pairs of flip flops (depending on sizes you may need more or less)
Hot Glue Gun

Whaddya do:

First you want to separate your flip flops out. You want to use either all lefties or all righties for your wreath. You can essentially make two wreaths (which is what I did, I did an all lefts wreath and another with all of the right side shoes so that they wouldn't be wasted).

Next you want to lay out the flippey flops. Decide which colors and patterns you want beside each other. I ended up with several different sizes of shoes, so that was also a factor for me. I had to decide which sizes made the best shape.

Now you need to get your hot glue gun all heated up......

Next pick up a toe or heel of a flip flop and hot glue it down. Continue to glue your way around the wreath until all of the toes and heels have been glued together.

Lastly, tie some cute ribbon on and make a bow. I just made a double bow. I also made a loop on the back for a hanger. You can put it up on your door for a cute summer decoration.

<3 Seana


  1. I didn't know you can create your own flip-flops. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing. :D


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