Thursday, May 10, 2012

2nd Post

Here's to the 2nd post of the Creative Clique blog! Yippee! (By the way, this is Sea posting.)
And I was looking for adorable little things to add to our wonderful blog for ya'll to enjoy, and I came across this, which I did NOT add.

As odd as it is, this one just didn't seem to fit in with the theme I was going for. Sorry Mr. Fart Proudly, you don't earn a spot on this blog at the moment. If you'd like this on our blog, vote for it in the poll! (:
<3 A very random Seana.
PS: I think it'd be most awkward if I did end up putting it up there...very awkward indeed.


  1. I love your guys's blog so far! I do indeed like the victorian theme, and am excited to see the posts to come. :) I follow, read, and love both of your blogs, so this one will probably be even better!

    Mary Grace

    1. Thanks so much, Mary Grace! July and I will strive to make this blog the best it can be. (:
      <3 Seana


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