Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr. Penguin Buddy Nails

Hey, ya'll. Sea here, with a fun nail art idea! Here it is:

Aww! The cutest thing ever, eh? I'll have more nail ideas coming soon, but for now, here's how we make our Mr. Penguin Buddies.

Whaddya Need?
For this project you will need:
White, black, orange/yellow, and any other nail polish color.

1. First, take any color that you'd like (except for white) and do a nice coat of polish on all of your nails. Make sure to do double-coats when working with a more watery type of nail polish, since that tends to be a bit thin. Let the polish dry.

2. Now, take your white polish and paint a large oval onto your nails almost up the the tops of your nails by the skin, (you can do all of them, or you can go every other like in the picture shown above) and let it dry.

3. Now the fun part! DECORATING! Whoop whoop. (: Alrighty, take your black nail polish and make two little dots near the top of the white ovals on all of the nails that you decided to penguin-ify.

4. Next, you'll need your yellow or orange polish. Take the polish and make two half moons next to each other, leaving a bit of space between, on the bottom of the white part of your nails. Those are the feet of your penguin. For the nose, put your brush sideways to make it sort of a sideways oval, and dab a bit of polish below the eyes to make its lovely little beak.

Once those beauties are dry, you'll have the most fab nails on the block! (: Enjoy your penguin-ified nails!

<3 Seana

July's own two cents: This is so so cute isn't it readers? If I tried that though, we would have nail polish all over the floor and all over the face and hands..... Not the best idea, huh? Send us pictures of your Mr. Penguin Buddies and we'll post them on our blog! (Sea and my email addresses are on the right side of our blog)

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