Friday, May 25, 2012

Tree Decoration

Some of us, like myself, have no trouble coming up with random knick-knacks to stick on our walls (such as my magazine clippings). But others of you might need a little bit of help coming up with something that's cute, easy, and doesn't look over-the-top. So, here's a quick and easy way to create a tree decoration for your wall!

Whaddya Need?
- assortment of different colored buttons
-hot glue gun

First, take a piece of either wood or thick paper and either paint it one color (we used tan in the example), or take the cloth you have and glue that down with your hot glue gun.

Next, you can either take more cloth or vinyl and cut it into the shape of a tree, or you can simply take some paint and paint the silhouette of a tree as well. (We used dark colors for the tree, so that it looked like the shape of a tree without being super detailed) Glue your tree shape on top of the either painted or clothed paper/wood.

Now, with your assortment of buttons, find ones that are similar in color. Like greens and blues together, reds and oranges, etc. Take whatever color group you're using and glue the buttons down around the branches of the tree to give your tree some leaves. If you used the red and orange color group, it'll give your tree a nice autumn twist. (:

And now, if you're really crafty, paint a little birdie nearby your finished tree decoration. VOILA! You've created a fun piece of artwork. (: ENJOY

| | | |
That's our finished artwork! See how simple yet beautiful it looks? It's just very elegant looking, and I love our tiny birdie nearby! (:

<3 Seana


  1. That is really pretty!

    -D. Skye

    1. Isn't it? (: I just love how peaceful it looks!
      <3 Sea

  2. This is gorgeous! My room is pretty plain, it could use one of these! ~prints page~


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