Monday, May 21, 2012

Homemade Magnets

Hey guys! Take a look at my homemade magnets that you can make!
I have made them before and love them. I think they are very cool and its 
very fun and easy to make!
Note: I did not make these exact ones, but I have made them before. They are doing whatever it is that magnets do on my fridge, right now!

You will need:
Clear Gems 
Clear Tacky Glue
Sponge Brush 
Scraping Paper
Pen & Scissors 
Trace around the Gem 
Cut around the inside of the circle so the paper wont show

Put a glob of glue on the Gem

Smooth it out with the bush 
Place the paper on the Gem
Let it dry for a minute then place the magnet 
on the back of the paper
(Note: if you get the regular magnet with no adhesive attached 
just glue on the magnet to back to get same results)
And Walla you got a cute little magnet :)

If you want to be more creative you can use an 
Ink pad and fun little stamps to give it a more cuter look.
Just repeat steps from above to complete your magnet.

Aslo you can mix in letters as well to give it 
your own personal sayings

See its very easy and fun to make, if you babysit 
this would be a fun little craft that ya'll could do together. 
I hope you liked this idea and make some of your own!

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