Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mockingjay Pin

Hey this is July! This is how to make your own Mockingjay Pin!

What You Need:
Polymer Clay (gold or white)
Gold paint (if you’re using white clay)
Crafting Wire
Wire cutters
Pin and pin back
Super Glue
Air Dry glaze
Polymer clay tools

Steps: 1. Bend the craft wire into three separate shapes for the mockingjay, arrow, and the ring that goes around. We’ll call this our ‘armature’ from now on. 
2. Cut two circles out of the clay that is big enough to cover the ring armature. One circle goes on
the back while the other on the front. When you put the two together over the ring armature you may have to gently smooth the edges inside and outside of the ring to give it a uniform look. Set it aside for now.
3. Now it’s time to work on the mockingjay. You’ll have the build up the clay around the mockingjay armature in steps. I did the body and the head first. Use some clay around the armature and use your fingers to shape and smooth out any imperfections. The tail and wings followed afterwards. To give the effect of feathers, use a tool to put in the impressions of the wings, as well as the eyes.
4. Now you’ll have the put the arrow armature into the beak of the mockingjay. Put some clay around the arrow armature. This can be difficult because of it being attached to the mockingjay. Do what you need to make it work for you. The tip and feathers on the end of the bow were added afterwards.
5. Now put the mockingjay and arrow in the circle that follows the design on the book. You will probably have to use little pieces of clay on the back to make the two pieces together.
6. Bake following your clay’s instructions. 
7. Now is the time to paint if you chose white clay. (Skip if you didn’t.) 
8. Now you can put your glaze one. This may take up to three coats to get the shine that you want.
Be patient and don’t touch the glaze when wet on your piece. I find using a blow-dryer (with
heat) helps speed up the drying process. 
9. Super glue your pin onto the back on the mockingjay. 
10. And you’re done! You’re officially part of the Revolution!

This is not my craft so I'm not sure how it would look. Try it and let me know! Happy summer,


  1. Interesting. Speaking of The Hunger Games, have you ever read the spoof. The Hunger Pains?

    I have only readthe summary of it but from what I read, it was quite funny.

    -D. Skye <3

    1. Wow, I haven't read that yet! July says that she wants to find it too, but we don't know who the author is. Do you know?

    2. Here is the link for it on amazon:

  2. That's amazing! It looks just like the ones you buy!


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