Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pretty Pumpkins

Ah, fall. The most lovely season in the whole year. And while we're on the topic of fall, I've got these lovely little pumpkins that have been decorated in a simple, yet chic, way.

So, whaddya need?
1. Mini pumpkins, either fake or real, but if they're real, be prepared to toss them out when they start to feel a tad squishy.

2. Assorted patterns of ribbons, usually in either orange, white, or brown color combos. Be sure that there's enough ribbon to go around the center of the pumpkin (you can cut more off later).

3. A hot glue gun, and extra sticks of glue

4. A lovely big bowl, either clear glass, or a nice dark brown one like the picture above.

So, whaddya do?

1. Take the pumpkin, and hot glue one end of the ribbon around the equator of it, so that it stays there.

2. Now, wrap the other end around the pumpkin, so that it comes back to the place where you glued the other end.

3. Let the glue dry.

4. Repeat as necessary for the other pumpkins.

5 Put them in your lovely big bowl and stand back with a gigantic grin on your face and proudly announce, "I MADE THAT!" Point at it while jumping up and down like a deranged wombat for an added effect.

That is all.
<3 Seana

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