Saturday, July 14, 2012

Beautiful Vases

Hey everybody! It's July and I know that I've been really bad about posting, but I'll try to stick to my schedule now. If I miss a couple, don't freak out because I've been having a super busy summer and I don't exactly have a computer to post from. Anyway, here are some very simple gorgeous, professional vases that you can make!

What you'll need:
A glass vase
Rubber bands of various sizes
Craft spray that "etches" the glass

What you'll do:

1. Wrap the rubber bands around the glass where you want the stripes

2. Spray with the craft spray

3. Allow the spray to dry then take the rubber bands off

4. Go out to your flower garden, pick some flowers, and enjoy!

These are beautiful vases that could work for everything from Mother's Day gifts to the decorations of that party you're having!
Have fun and just a hint, don't drop the glass, not a good idea...

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