Monday, July 16, 2012

Coffee Slushee

Hey guys, it's July. Im not particularly find of coffee myself, but for those of you who are, I thought I'd give you a cold coffee treat for these hot summer days!

What you'll need for two servings:
1 Tbsp of instant coffee 
1 cup ice cubes
1/2 cup milk
2 Tbsp sugar
A blender

What you'll do:
1. Put all the ingredients in your blender

2. Blend until ice is crushed

3. Pour into two glasses and serve immediately!

I didn't try this recipe because as I said, I'm not very fond of coffee, but I'll probably end up making this for my dad at some point. He's a coffee drinker!

Hey guys! It's July again, I am writing this after I wrote the original post, but here's how my Coffee Slushee turned out! The one I made for my dad that is... 
As you can see, it didn't quite turn out like the picture. We think that's because we didn't have instant coffee on hand and my dad (he knows his coffees!) says that that kind of coffee dissolves and ours obviously didn't because you can still see the coffee grounds. So it didn't taste quite right either, or so my dad says, because the coffee we used wasn't right. Next time, I will be using actual instant coffee for this!

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